Sickness Hacks

Welcome to my new blog!! I hope you guys are excited as I am to have this platform again! I cannot wait to share all my recipes, favorite things, and tips with all of you! Since it seems that everyone is getting sick right now, AH, I thought I would start off my first post with some remedies that have helped me over the years. I haven’t had the flu or a severe cold in a really long time (knock on wood), so I wanted to share with you some of my hacks in hopes to help you as well! Here we go! =)

#1 Vitamin C – I am a HUGE advocate of Vitamin C! I believe in high doses of Vitamin C because it helps your body fight off the sickness. You can take it every half hour until your tummy starts to gurgle.

#2 Cut your sugar intake – Sugar makes it harder for your body to fight off infection. What you put in your body is too important, especially when your immune system is already susceptible to infection/sickness.

#3 Rub essential oils on your feet – Doterra’s On Guard Oil or Young Living’s Thieves Vitality oil are the two I recommend to use. Your feet have more pores and the oil will soak into your bloodstream and help fight the infection faster. I also recommend wearing socks after putting oil on your feet!

#4 Water – It is very important to increase your water intake. Another trick would be to add half a lemon into your water or use a drop or two of a pure lemon oil in a glass cup.

#5 SLEEP – Sleep is super important, especially when you are sick. Your body heals more when you are sleeping than when you are awake. Being sick is a good excuse to stay in bed all day and heal hehe!

#6 Gentle Stretching – Stretching gets your body moving in a gentle way, without over exerting yourself. Stretching also helps your body relax, which will help when you are sick!

#7 Do NOT touch your face – During the sick season, it is SO important to not touch your mouth, eyes, and nose! Also make sure to wash your hands A TON and use hand sanitizer (I use this hand sanitizer).

#8 Echinacea goldenseal – I usually take Vitamin C instead, but this is also a great alternative to Vitamin C or to take both. My mom swears by Echinacea!

#9 Oregano Oil – Oregano is a natural antibiotic that helps fight infection, but it is important to take a probiotic supplement with it (compliments the good with the bad). The probiotic I take is by Dr. Ohhira

#10 Epson salt baths – Epson salt is made with magnesium, which is great for your body in general and it also helps reduce pain.

#11 Diffuse Oils – Diffusing Eucalyptus oil or tee tree oil helps you breathe better and open up your nose. Diffusing oils is one of my favorite things to do around my house!

#12 GSE – GSE is derived from the seed and pulp of a grapefruit and has been proven to help fight infection!

I hope these hacks help you!

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